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Dog agility is a fun sport for all dogs from purebreds to mixed breeds. It is open to all people from junior to senior who are looking for a way to safely exercise their pets . With proper instruction the changes in your dogs communication  with you can only improve as you and your dog start to bond together, at the same time you get fitter and make more friends who have a similar interest in the sport.

The beginner classes will safely introduce you to all the standard equipment that would be used on a Canadian agility course. Then as your dog becomes more confident on the equipment we progress onto the intermediate level where we will start to work more on your handling skills.

Once your handling skills improve you can move onto a more advanced level and you get to test out some real challenges in the world of agility. Be prepared to be amazed with what you and your dog can really do when you have the correct guidance from experienced handlers.

We do hold fun matches for both beginners and advanced handlers, but our biggest motto is that this sport is all about having some fun, we don't push you to go into competition trials, agility can become very additive, you will have trials and tribulations along the way, its all a big learning journey and we will be there to support you all the way.

To be able to join us your dog needs to be 12 months or older, we do recommend that to enjoy the classes your dog must know the basic behaviors of sit, down, stay, come and can walk reasonably well by your side. We do recommend that if this is a problem for you that you take one of our basic obedience classes that we hold at the SPCA center in Saint John. If you dog isn't 12 months yet but you do want to get started then you can take our "foundation for dog sports classes", this class really does teach you some handling skills that you will find so useful if you really want to take part in any dog sports.

From the year 2014 our agility classes will be held at JORROCK STABLE, off Churchland road in Saint John. This is a indoor riding arena so the soft floor wont cause any injuries to your dogs legs.

If you are interested in joining us then contact me by email, or call home 833 2347, cell 663 9140.

For more information on the class dates, prices etc see the agility schedule section