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8am until 8pm , 7 days a week.
We can be flexible around these times only if you provide us with enough notice.


Costs are charged per kennel at $24.00 per day

If two family dogs share the same kennel it would be $24.00 for the first dog and $11.00 for the second dog, total $35.00 per day

Cats $12.50 per day.

The boarding rates begin from the day you bring your dog in regardless of if it is 8am or 8pm.

As a extra help from people who do not want to drive out during winter storms or have very late plane flights we allow your dog to be picked up the next morning , as long as it is before 10am we will not charge you for a extra day. Please be aware that during our busy summer months when our kennels are at full capacity we may not be able to offer this extra free service so do allow for this when booking your dogs in and arranging their pick up dates.


We can provide a kennel food for your dogs which is the Costco brand of chicken and rice, however if your dog is on a special diet or has a sensitive stomach please bring in your regular food for them.


Please bring in all medications with clearly written instructions for their usage.


We can provide blankets and bowls for your dogs. We do recommend that you bring along a old item of clothing that holds your smell on it. If your dog has a familiar blanket or toy that they like then bring this along. Do not bring along any flimsy rubber toys that can be easily ripped apart and ingested by your dog. DO NOT wash the blanket, rub your hands all over the toys so that your smell is on it.

Please DO NOT bring along new or expensive bedding for your dog as some dogs take a while to settle in and made rip up this items in frustration.

We will need a up to date copy of your dogs vaccinations and  information about your vets address, plus a emergency contact number while you are away on vacation.

Your dog will need wear a collar for us to attach his leash to.

Most of the dogs boarded here are walked off leash, but before we get to know them they will be walked on leash. We WILL need to know if your dog is not good around other dogs in a group walk. If this is the case your dog will be walked on his/her own but still on the woodland trails so that they get to enjoy the sights and sniffing time.

For your dogs health and comfort please ensure they are up to date on their worming schedule and free of fleas. Summer is the worst time for fleas but there are many products in the pet shops that can be applied to your dog before they arrive that ensures they are safe during their stay (we have never had a problem with this since opening and we would like to keep it that way)


Pick up or return is dependent on the area we need to go to. A sample price would be to pick up in Saint John at $30.00

You can have your dog obedience trained by Caroline Bird while you are away. Prices are $420.00 per week (this includes your boarding fee).

Day training is $65.00 per day.


You may notice that your dog sleeps a lot more than usual or has a sore throat, this is because while they are here they will be in new surrounds so they will be more alert 24 hours a day, plus they will be getting 3 walks a day. They may get a sore throat because when dogs are in close areas to each other if one barks all the rest starts to join in.


We are only a phone call away if you ever need to check in with us about how your dog is doing... (506) 833-2347