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After completing your basic obedience classes are you looking to do even more fun stuff with your dogs, In 2013 I teamed up with 2 other great instructors(Bev and Amber) who each have brought their own dog sports into the group so we can offer you more variety, here is a list of extra classes that we offer
BASIC OBEDIENCE REFRESHER... This is if you are still not ready to move on with your dog and would like to do it all again, we will welcome you back with a big discount on the previous class price

LEVEL 2.... This is for those of you who have done level 1 but still don't have the focus control/attention span from your dog that you would like, plus we build a little more on those basic obedience commands, This is a 6 week course.

TRICK TRAINING...This goes from beginner to advanced , you can really impress your friends and yourself with your dogs new skills

TREIBBALL... A new dog sport that is beginning to come into Canada, instead of dogs herding sheep , they get to herd giant balls into a goal area, its good fun,  keeps them mentally stimulated and is great exercise

SCENT/NOSE work, this is suitable for any dog , even disabled or untrained dogs, keep those noses sniffing and they will love you for it.

AGILITY.... if you enjoy a fast moving sport for both you and your dog then this one is for you (see the agility page on this website)

CANINE FREEESTYLE... dancing with dogs, building on the trick training foundations we hope to get started on this class later in 2014, its a fun way to bond with your dog and will be so much fun when we get that final video together of the dancing handler and dog.

FOUNDATION FOR DOG SPORTS..This class in a introduction for any dog sports, it teaches owners and their dogs so much more and builds a solid foundation of skills that are need to be successful in any dog sport.

If you want to keep up to date with all our activities we recommend that you join our facebook group page ...ABC fun team....
we advertise all our classes and events on there, if you don't want to miss out then do join our group we wold love to keep in touch with you.