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VeI loved the Level 1 class. Jerry and I have come a long way! One of the things I am most appreciative for is I feel more confident  in working with Jerry  and as a result of course he listens more. I like the location of the class as well. The room is a good size and its a comfortable place to work. I know that obedience is a life long work in progress and Jerry and I have lots to learn but you have given me the tools to address any behavior or issue. I think you are a wonderful team and would and do recommend your classes.

Jill and Jerry.
class of September 2014


Very pleased with the results for both ourselves and Koko. You were very patient and a excellent example in that behavior.

from John and Koko
class of spring 2014


He is now more attentive to me, looks to me for directions, definitely a thought before actions, I really appreciated your interest in questions from class, and your answers, very well educated.

Melanie & Mosses
Class of January 2014


My husband and I have been bringing Lucy to the Tuesday night classes. Lucy is a 1 year old and we have always been the type of dog owners who said "dog school I a waste of money, she's a good girl, we don't need to go". Finally we realised that she may be a good dog, and did simple commands but she wasn't getting the proper structure and wasn't doing the important commands. After doing some research and reading some reviews we decided to join your classes (thus the importance of feedback).

I cant believe how much we learned in the first class alone...all along the issue wasn't Lucy's behavior, it was our lack of proper knowledge on how to train her. (and we had read books, watched Video's etc) Off all the things we learned the most important for us was the "watch me" command, and that you must have patience when training your dog. I was shocked at how having patience for the commands eventually does lead to the desired behavior.

One of the big things that is beneficial of these classes is the interaction with other dogs. Lucy is a bit submissive and timid, and by the last few classes she was loving it. It also really  helps in that tasks like "come" and "stay" that might be easier to teach your dog on  on your own are challenged by adding so many distractions to the mix. This is something that would be impossible to do on our own at home.

Another thing I found beneficial is that there are 3 trainers most nights. This ensures that no dog (or owner) is ever practicing commands for a period of time without a trainer correcting things and commenting.
The "stay" command was by far the most frustrating for us, adding food into the mix and Lucy still having to stay was something I thought would be impossible. Only ONE day after learning and practising that command Gerald was able to set treats on the floor and Lucy didn't budge until he said "ok, take it".

3 key things you guys said  throughout the classes that stuck with us and I still think about all the time when working with Lucy.

...A leash is not a steering wheel (haha)
...It doesn't matter if it takes your dog 2 seconds or 2 hours to come....when they come, its party time (reward /praise it's crucial)
...Your posture says everything to your dog (stand straight/tall when saying a command, etc)
We are very pleased with Lucys progress (and ours) and can't thank you enough).

- Laren



The course layout is great, very constructive feedback during our practice, lots of help especially with having 2 additional instructors (Bev and Amber).

Mia got loose at Rockwood Park in the evening and I used the "come" command we have been practising , it worked, she came back even though she was near a road.

Thanks from Beth and Mia , class of summer 2013.




Thanks so much for the wonderful class. I have found it very helpful and I think it influenced our children as well. as much as I thought I knew what I was doing, you changed our approach completely.

Bentley is very smart and picks up on the bad behaviors just as much as the good ones.

I think your classes are just right, they move along at a good pace and are fun, we are interested in finding out more about a second class.

Jill Lui and family, class of September 2013


I forgot to hand in my end of the class evaluation form, but I wanted to say Nelope and I had a great time in class . Intitaly I wasn't sure if she really needed a class, she is fairly well behaved on her own and easy enough to correct if she misbehaves, but I thought it would be good learning experience for her and she always enjoys being social But I'm glad we joined - I learned how to communicate with my dog rather than command her - I have a lot more confidence and trust in her now that we understand each other better.

I am not saying I now have he "Cesar Millan" psychic connection, we both still have work to do, but the class taught me the basic techniques and I now have a better understanding of what she needs to learn new skills. Nelope says thank for all the fun, I say thanks for the bonus quiet time when we get home from class...I,m going to miss that..

Trich Collins and Penelope, class June 2013


I just want to say a huge thank you for the obedience training class that you conducted  at the Saint John SPCA in the Paws Learning Center this past 10 weeks. Our dog Kobe benefited greatly from your training.

The classes were fun, informative and the learning was easy. I highly recommend Caroline Birds basi obedience class, the experience was good for both owner and dog.

Sincerley Melody McElman, president of Saint John SPCA.


We have noticed significant positive changes for both us and Leela, dogs who needed special attention in the class got it, suggestions were helpful and effective, high degree of patience, classes were well paced an didn't try to overfill the hour. We would highly recommend this class.

Jason and Sharon, class of June 2013 


Doug and Cooper

Jack has improved greatly, he seems better around other dogs, he listens better and pays more attention to me. Jack had a great time in your class, i did as well. I'm feeling more confident in handling him. Thank you so much for bringing your dogs for jack to be around. It gave me a peace of mind that he isn't aggressive and it taught me about normal dog play.

Katie and Jack, class of Feb 2013


Doug and Cooper

The classes were well done, yes they are more co-operative and attentive, they come when they are called, are much calmer and much better on the lead, and off the lead. We enjoyed the classes, learned a great deal and bonded with the boys as a result of coming even more than we had before.

Tammy,Paula, Gunner and Dexter, class of February 2013


Doug and Cooperdexter

Both you, caroline and Bev are wonderful patient instructors. You both have a special gift with animals. We love that Bruin is a goof ball... but he is now under control when we need him to be, and so am i, ha, ha. I was the one who needed to be trained so i could train Bruin to be all that he was meant to be. thanks for your patience while learning a new language of communicating, lots of licks from Bruin.

Janice and Bruin, class of February 2013



It was very informative last night, can already see what I'm doing wrong, now the work to "try" to turn it around. As i told you i have a 3 year old deaf Boston from birth, she is all about eye contact, but Mr Bruin he is such a goof ball. When i came in last night it was with shoulders back and no eye contact.....they smelled me because of your dogs, then they walked away, normally it would have been a free for all trying to get my boots off, hahaha....its a start.


Doug and Cooper

A great deal of changes for the better, my husband notices a huge difference. (he is a long haul truck driver and is not at home much)

JULIE AND NEDDIE, class of December 2012


Doug and Cooper

In the beginning we where frustrated with Cooper and we thought for sure that he would "flunk out". But after 10 weeks with lots of patience and dog treats Cooper is doing well, yes he is more attentive, obeys commands and is more settled, and we are probably better pack leaders. Thank you for all your help!

Doug and Cooper


Doug and Cooper

I highly recommend Caroline Bird and her Group Dog Obedience Classes. Caroline is very skilled at her profession, making the classes relaxed, very informative, and interesting. Right from the start she was able to achieve and maintain excellent group interaction which made learning fun for both owners and dogs.

Thanks Caroline for all your patience and sharing your wisdom.

Anita and Tess,
Class Feb 2012

Hope you remember us..... Scooby.... Just wanted to send you a quick email to first of all tell you how much I enjoyed your classes, and thanks to you, Scooby scored 11/12 on his canine good Neighbour exam in Fredericton last week : ) !!! Yaa Scooby ! we are going to try for 12/12 in August. his failing mark was meeting other dogs (way too playful) - big surprise huh ? lol

Thanks Caroline - We really appreciate your training methods and think you're the best!

Dorothy, Leigha & Scooby : )
Class of June 2011


My boyfriend and I have been asking around about obeidient classes for our 11 week old baby girl Boxer. We have been recommended to you about 4 times!



We had a great time and she is now paying attention to me!!

class of September 2010


I am very pleased with Brandy,s progress , yes she is easier to manage, she dosent jump on people like she did (but she is a beagle and has a mind of her own). I would definately reccomend your class to others.

Brandy and Chris. Class of September 2010


Sophie and I enjoyed the course, yes she responds better to commands. Socialization was a important consideration in enrolling - it was good to have other dogs around

Bridgette, Jeff and Sophie, Class of September 2010


I enjoyed the atmosphere in the class and liked how you explained dog behaviors, not just walking around in circles like other dog was already clam but now she makes eye contact with me , this is something she avoided in the past.

class of September 2010


We had a great time and she is now paying attention to me!!

class of September 2010


The classes have been enjoyable and informative for both theory and practical. i shall continue working with my own dogs, and hope to be able to put into practice at the ARL. I have no hesitation in recommending your classes as your where recommended to me.

Anita, Summer 2009


Spike now shows more respect towards us. The commands we have learned are very helpful in guiding his behavior in a more positive direction.

Petra and Spike, Fall 2009



I was very pleased with the results. Snoopey is more compliant and contented in the evenings, he comes when called now, even when there are distractions.

Terry and Snoopey , Winter 2009



I enjoyed the class and have noticed significant improvements in Pennys behavior, prior to this she was definately the "pack leader" at our house . As a result of the lessons she is much more responsive to commands and much easier to walk.

Claire and Penny,  Winter 2009



I thoroughly enjoyed your class it was a fun and up beat experience, positive and rewarding

Class of September 2008


I am so glad I took bailey to classes, I have learnt a lot along with bailey, she has become a better dog, hardly wines or barks, she also is more obedient and more content. I am also glad that I did the classes in a group setting because she was able to socialize with other people and dogs. I am more confident about her actions around other dogs and people, I have a lot of the classes embedded in my mind. I can picture them and i know what is should do if i need to work on any special aspects of Bailey's behavior or commands. I know hands on is the best way, so glad for the sheets on everything we did.
Really was a positive learning experience for ME and Bailey thanks so much.

Patricia Murry


Huge improvements in manners and listening skills, really enjoyed the classes and plan on taking more.

September 2009


Definitely more responsive, less destructive, more respectful.

Class of December 2008 - Dexter and Aimy