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 Just wanted to say thank you again for the time you spent with Indy. we have noticed a considerable difference in her and are very pleased with it.

we have been following through with all you taught us. As soon as we got in the car we wrote everything down we could remember and are doing it with her.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone having difficulties with there dog.

Joanne Ingalls, October 5th 2016


Very proud of Ronin today. Its 8am and already he is calm and I was able to take him outside off leash and got him to do a sit stay while I moved around all the rooms in the house where he couldn't see me.

And he didn't break! Thank you Caroline Bird for all your training and help. Its amazing the difference

Emily LeFloch , August 6th 2016


Our sincere thanks to Caroline Bird and Bev Shepard for their personalized assesment in training our puppy "Sasha"

We invited Caroline to our house for a couple of private lessons before taking the class with Bev
Caroline's amazingly gifted in her understanding of dogs. They give us practical exercises to follow during training and followed up with exercises to practice after class.

The group classes sessions taught me patience and positive  training techniques that actually worked! they just don't train your puppy, they also show us how to train.  A good tip was continually giving praise for everything they do, even if not right away, patience and repetive training is the key for good behavior.

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience in Caroline and Bev's Basic Obedience Class.

Thank you from Cathy Woods,  class of July 2014 



Hi Caroline, just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Molly and the time you put into training her. If I didn't know any better I might have thought I picked up the wrong dog:) What a difference, now my only regret is not taking her to you sooner. Molly and I have a new respect for each other and this training has brought back the joy of what having a puppy should be. thanks again from Laurel and Molly.

Facebook message , 1st December 2013



So I must say we are very please with the training received this week at St Martins Dog Boarding and Training kennels..... What a HUGE difference in her in just 6 days.

Thank you so much Caroline for working with Nyla this week.

From Dorothy Small, November 23rd , 2013.



We met someone yesterday who commented on how well behaved Zeus was....I was sure to tell her it was with he help of Caroline Bird and her awesome approach with training both the pet and owner! I just found this picture on her page and you can tell that Zeus thinks the world of her. If anyone has ever thought of looking into some training. Gerald, myself an Zeus highley recommend her!

From Laura , FB page July 1st 2013



Caroline, I just had to let you know you area GENIUS!! Tim just dropped a piece of bread and Salami on the floor and Annie didn't even move towards it, just stood there and looked at him. He told her to go ahead but she wouldn't touch it, he had to give it to her. and Amelia just dropped two mini doughnuts and she was sitting nearby, again she didn't move!! THANK YOU!!.

So for anyone reading this Annie is our German shepherd mix rescue dog that we just adopted 5 weeks ago and thought we'd have to return due to a major food issue with our Husky. Caroline was here this evening training us/Annie and it has had instant results! Meaning very happily the dog can stay cause we were all basket cases over the possibility of returning her. Now I'm off to train my family to stop dropping food...and to eat healthier....




So proud of my Sadie girl. Just finished what will most likely be our final training session and finished with a bang. Took her down to the busy Walmart  park filled with people and distractions and she was a total champ. Thank you so much to Caroline Bird and St.Martins Boarding and training kennels. Sadie is the dog we could only have dreamed of her being 3 months ago. 

TAMARA BENOIT, from facebook April 30th 2013


Caroline is amazing, Heidi (and I) have had 2 classes with her. After one class i saw a change in my 10 year old dog. Today, she learned to walk with a Halty on her nose, stay and come. Caroline's dog even came closer to my Doberman sensing the change in her mood. The first time her dog did not even want to come into the building with mine.

i want to be able to socialize her more, to get her playmates her in SJ, and maybe even foster a dog once mine is ready. I'll say it again, Caroline is amazing!



Thank you for the great session we had with you back on November 23rd for Karma our Blue American Pit Bull.

Walks have been much better and we have been working on making play sessions into mini training sessions, things are going well.

We are going to sign up for your obedience class for January.



I would like to start off by thank you so much for all you have taught me, my family but most of all Molly. In a matter of a few short sessions you have taught me how to better control a dog; who at one point I thought was completely hopeless in training. After our first private one hour session we were left amazing and excited by the improvements we saw in Molly. We as a family could not believe that in one short hour Molly had learned to watch us, listen for our commands and all around became a much calmer dog.

As our sessions continued for 5 more weeks we saw Molly become more and more the family pet we hoped to have. Thanks to you our 3 very small children now feel comfortable playing, eating around Molly and just enjoying having her as our pet. We can now have visitors to our home and not have to worry about them being over welcomed by our large dog. Watching TV in our house has become easier because we don't have a large dog trying to jump on us, or push up against us all the time. Over the course of 6 sessions you not only helped Molly become a better behaved dog but you also helped us ease away some of the anxiety our other dog Penny was feeling.

Thank you for teaching us the tools we needed to make Molly a happy addition to our family. With the tools you have given us and the continued practice of these tools, I know Molly will become the dog we had dreamed her to be when we brought her home a year ago. So a big thank you again for helps us help Molly and Penny.

Jennifer Hachey


Penny and I were in your obedience class last year; we just wanted to say how great the class was for Penny! She is now a year and a half old and the best little dog! She knows so many commands, many of which you taught us to do. We take her to Rockwood Park every day and she runs around off leash on the trials without any issues. The picture I've attached is Penny doing a long stay just off a busy part of the park.. Lots of people around but she still lays and waits! I can't thank you enough for all the advice through your class! 

Hope things are well for you!

Megan Lee


I wanted to give you a update on Clancy. We have been to the Bark Park almost every day since our last session there! There been times when I was a bit worried about the aggression of some of the other animals but we have never had a incident! Scrape that, there was one incident where he did get into a scrap w/ a husky puppy but the owner assured me it was her dogs fault for jumping on Clancy. In fact there was a dog fight and Clancy could have easily joined in but when I yelled for him to come and he turned around and came right back to me! We even got a comment on his obedience after that situation. He has really opened up at the park and has become accustom to meeting strange dogs.

Overall things have been great! Thank you so much for your help & training. You’re amazing with animals. The peace of mind, confidence and freedom you have given us is priceless. Thank you so much! I will forever recommend you & your kennels to all my friends!




I just wanted to say thanks again for the work you did with Jasper.  We notice a definite improvement in him - especially in the "Come" command, which for us was probably the most important one.  Maggie seemed very energized by her stay with you as well.  Thanks for taking such good care of them.

May 2010


Thank you so much for all the work you did with Jack! I know he'll find a fantastic home now!
I'll be sure to send lots of updates via email!

Megan and Jack
Aug 08


Thanks so much for all the good work you have done with Bubba. He is being a real good boy now. He even went to the trailer with me and Spike for a few days and behaved real well. I would never take the two of them before because Bubba was to hard to handle. He is even waiting until I am upstairs before following on command. He seems to be calmer in the car now also. My husband even said it was worth every penny for the training.The photos attached are one of Bubba at the trailer and one at my Mothers. We are all very pleased with what you have done with Bubba. Thank You. Bubba Thanks you too because he is learning a well behaved dog gets to do more and have more fun.



Caroline had taken on the most unadoptable dogs, many of whom had behavior or or aggression issues. She has turned them around and found homes for those who were deemed a lost cause. Caroline adopted one of her foster dogs who has come a long way winning our pet idol 2 years in a row!

Janet Foster
Executive Director of the Animal Rescue League
Winter 2009


Thank you for all of your help and support with Maggie. We appreciate your patience, guidance and words of wisdom. Maggie is defiantly a "work in progress" but our progress has been in greater strides because of you
Thank you!

Krista and Geoff Macdonald


......Thank you for believing in Roxy and giving her a second chance. I will do my best to give her a happy, secure "forever" home. People like you really make a difference.

kudos from Joan
Summer of 2009



I am just writing to let you know that we went to our friends last night and Kobi was amazing. There was even an extra dog there that isn't usually there (a Golden Retriever). I did not let Kobi meet him face to face like he usually does I made him go to his behind and it worked perfectly. There where 3 adults there and 2 children and i gave everyone a treat and they would all call Kobi over and he took a treat out of there hand!!.It was great. He didn't try to snap at anyone after he took the treat from them and eventually let them pet him under the chin!!. By the end of the night all the dogs where calm and laying in their own areas and all the adults were playing a game, even when someone got the answer right and we were all screaming in excitement (when kobi would jump up and bark and get scared), Kobi just lay in his bed and didn't mind!!. It was a great and successful night. Our friends even said he is like night and day compared to all the other times he has been there.

Thank you for all your help,

Jocelyn and Matt,
March 2010.

CANNOT believe the change in Von D already! - Caroline Bird is SJ's dog whisperer honestly

Jessica Gozdzierski
from facebook, November 2009

 could recommend someone).