Cat and Dog Boarding Information

OPEN 9am -7pm
Open all year round..
We accept cash, cheque or e transfer payments.


Add 15 percent HST to all prices shown

Costs are charged per kennel
Two Family Dogs Sharing a kennel
$27 + $15 /day
$15 for second dog
Board and train
$490.00 per week or $75.00 per day
(this includes the boarding fee)
Pick up or drop off at your home is
(if distance is longer than 50 kms we may need to add a little extra)


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For people who are boarding with us for the first time and are booked for more than a week l do ask for a non-returnable deposit of $50.00. I have only had to introduce this because so many people sadly do book and then never show up or else suddenly cancel at the last moment because they have found alternative arrangements. Canceling at the last moment does not give me a chance to fill the spot as by now people on my waiting list will have made other arrangements. If you can give me at least 3 days notice the deposit will be returned to you.

The boarding rates begin from the day you bring your dog in regardless of it being 9am or 7pm. Dogs/cats will stay overnight and need to be checked out by 10am the next morning. Any dog staying past the 10am checkout time will be charged for another day and you will have until 7pm to pick your dog up. When booking your dog in can you please advise us what time you will be picking up. If we know you will be picking up by 10am we can book your dog’s kennel space out for another dog.

FOOD. Included in your boarding fee is our complimentary kennel dry kibble dog food. However we do recommend that if your dog has a sensitive stomach that you bring in whatever normal food they have at home.

WHAT TO BRING . We supply bowls and blankets for your pets. We do recommend that if this is your pets first visit that you bring along some item of yours or your dogs that has a familiar smell on it. If they have their own dog blanket or a favorite toy or even an item of their owners clothing. You are welcome to bring your dog’s own bed but please do NOT bring anything expensive as sometimes these can get damaged by your dog if they sometimes get over excited when they are in their kennels and could shred these items.

MEDICATIONS. If you need us to give your dog any meds please bring in written details so that we can be sure to give them at the correct times with correct amounts

FOR FIRST TIME VISITS. We will need to see proof of your dog’s current shots. We will ask you to complete a form upon arrival so we will need to know of your vets details, emergency contact numbers and if your dog has any allergies. You will also be asked to sign a waiver in case we ever need to take your dog to the vets for any reason.

I also ask that if it is summer time be sure to give your dog their yearly flick and tick treatments. They will be having daily walks on my private woodland trails (unless you request just time in the play yard by the kennels).

BOARD AND TRAIN. If you want to add some extra stimulation to your dogs, stay here some people choose to take advantage of our board and training program. You can choose how long your dog trains for, the longer the time the better they will be trained. I don’t usually recommend a day here or there as I have to be able to quickly bond with your dog to be able to get good results.

The price includes your boarding fees. Your dog would be training with a person who has 15 years of extensive training experience behind them with all breeds of dogs. In general the behaviors taught would be the standard focus, controlled walking, sit, down, stay and come commands. How long and how well the dog does will vary with each dog as they all have individual personalities.

All training is reward based, when you pick up your dog owners must be prepared to spend time with me so that we can cover exactly what your dog has learnt during their stay at the kennels.

Any training MUST be booked AHEAD of time as I can only work with one dog at a time. It’s not just the time I have to put into your dog, it’s also mentally draining as I have to keep them engaged and wanting to learn so this really is the most challenging part and takes a lot of energy.

A TYPICAL DAY AT THE KENNELS. The day starts with a daily morning walk on my own private trails. Your dog will be walked individually or in a group (according to owners wishes) some dogs are allowed off leash on the walks (with owners permission). During the day dogs do get time in the doggy play yard that is attached to the kennels. If the weather is good they can be in a large outside area with its own doggy kennel , if the weather is cold they will be inside in the heated kennels. Upon arrival they will be given their individual kennel,unless the owner has asked that they can share with another family member.

When we close for the night the dogs are given a final short walk and then spend the night in the indoor kennels. We do not use the individual outside runs during the winter months. Food is fed two times a day unless owners ask for a different schedule as we do know that puppies need to be fed 3 times a day.

Generally I will be in and out of the kennels a lot during the day as dogs come and go. Cleaning is done once per day. I can see the kennels from my house front room window so I have a constant view and can hear what is happening at my kennels.

Barking at my kennels is normal as customers come and go, but generally between this the dogs chill out. If they bark there is a reason for it, but if nothing is there to stimulate them they will relax.

Do expect your dogs to be very tired when they return home. It’s been a whole new experience for them, they have been in a different routine from their usual home one. If you ever need to contact me to find out how your dog is doing then i will be happy to keep you updated. Please do not call me on my cell phone as l might be out with a client or do one of my dog training classes. Email me, text me or leave a message on my home phone and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

HOME PHONE NUMBER is 506 833 2347
CELL is 506 663 9140